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The Divide Grizzlies Basketball Club

The Divide Grizzlies Basketball Club

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AAU Competitive Play - Fall Ball

Intended for intermediate to advanced players.

  • Fridays (9/22, 9/29, 10/06, 10/13, 10/20)
  • Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Location: Golden Sierra High-School Basketball Gym & MPR

Oktoberfest Tournament Days:
  • Sundays (10/01, 10/08, 10/15, 10/22)
  • Times: TBD - Game schedule is released the Thursday before the game days
  • Location: Hardwood Palace (1091 Tinker Road, Rocklin)

Divisions available for boys and girls ages 11-17.

Boys Teams (ages 10-17)

Registration closes on 10/05/2023 at 12:00 PM
Season Dates: 09/22/2023 to 10/22/2023

Girls Teams (ages 10-17)

Registration closes on 10/05/2023 at 12:00 PM
Season Dates: 09/22/2023 to 10/22/2023

The Divide Grizzlies AAU Competitive Play - FALL BALL!

You are all signed up for The Divide Grizzlies AAU Fall Ball season. See below for more details regarding your child's upcoming academy.

Fall ball is all about Install and competitive play at the Hardwood Palace. Our athletes learn The Divide Grizzlies offensive and defensive playbook, calls, transitions and strategies, and showcase their skills in competitive game vs. other top clubs in the area.

Practice Details

  •  Days/Dates: Fridays (9/22, 9/29, 10/06, 10/13, 10/20)
  •  # of practices: 5
  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Location: Golden Sierra High-School Basketball Gym & MPR

Tournament Details

  •  Days/Dates: Sundays (10/01, 10/08, 10/15, 10/22)
  •  # of games: 8 (2/day)
  • Time: TBD - Tournament game schedule is released the Thursday before each gameday.
  • Location: The Hardwood Palace (1091 Tinker Rd, Rocklin)

Required Jersey Kits:

In order to participate on a Divide Grizzly AAU Team, all players must own/rent a Divide Grizzly Game Jersey and Reversible Practice Jersey.

Game Jersey Kits: Include home jersey (white) top & shorts and away jersey (black) top and shorts

  • Buy: $175
  • Rent: $25 + $150 deposit check

Reversible Practice Jersey:

  • Buy: $40
  • Rent: $10 + $30 deposit check

Deposit Checks for rentals will be returned at the end of the season when you turn in your jersey at one of our jersey hand-in days. In order to receive your deposit check back, the jersey kit must be complete, cleaned and re-usable (not damaged).

If you decide to purchase your jersey kit, you can reuse your jersey for the next 3-years. If you child outgrows their jersey, they can exchange it for a larger size for a $25 restocking fee.

Program Description:

Fall ball focuses on:

  • Offensive & defensive playbook install
  • Game strategy
  • Competitive play

Our practices are designed to teach young athletes the rules, reads, play-calls, and strategies necessary for competitive play.

Our tournament gamedays are all about getting our young athletes lots of real game experience against top teams in that area. Most young athletes struggle to showcase their skills on the court when it matters in a competitive game. The only way to gain the experience and confidence necessary to perform at the highest level is to get a lot of real game reps against other competitive teams. That is what Fall ball is all about. Develop your skills, confidence, and passion for basketball through competitive play. It may be rough at first, but we will continue to work through our nerves, inexperience, and deficiencies on the court as we develop as individuals and a team. Win or lose, we focus on teaching life skills through basketball including: teamwork, sportsmanship, effort, integrity, respect, leadership, self-esteem and strategy.

"School is a series of lessons that uses tests to see what you learned along the way. Basketball is a series of tests that teaches you lessons along the way."

We do not focus on individual skill development in Fall Ball (i.e. dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.). If you are looking for individual skill development, sign-up for one of our skill clinics, shooting clinics and/or holiday camps.

Division/Team Placement:

We are taking registration all together (boys & girls ages 10-17). We will break players into divisions/teams based on our final club roster. This may involve moving players up a division, or combining boys & girls teams to make them co-ed. If we cannot find a division for your child, you have 2 options:

  • Receive a refund for $195, plus a $5 credit which can be used for a future season (sorry but we cannot refund processing fees as we never received that money)
  • Receive a partial refund of $100. With this, your child can still participate in the Friday practices. They just will not play on Sundays.

*These options are only for if we can't find a team/division for your child. See our refund policy below for other refund scenarios.

TeamSnap Invite

We will be sending everyone a TeamSnap invite 1-week prior to the program's start date.  Please accept the invitation and download the TeamSnap App on your phone if you haven’t done so already. We are going to be using TeamSnap this session to:

  • Communicate with the parents: You will be receiving automated e-mail reminders from TeamSnap as well as e-mails from the club president/head coach - Billy Goldstein. We also recommend parents use the TeamSnap chat tool to communicate with coaches and other parents.
  • Schedule Calendar: You can see all the upcoming practices on the team schedule tab. If I make any changes to the schedule (i.e. practice gets moved to a different field or cancelled), you will be notified. 
  • Availability: The availability tool is the best way to let the coaches know if your child will be attending or not. Just click the Schedule Tab, click on the date of the practice, and select Going, Maybe or No. 

If you already have TeamSnap, and this is not the email you used to register through TeamSnap, please send me the correct email. This way you don’t need to create a whole new profile.

If you don't receive the TeamSnap invite 1-week prior to the start date, please check your SPAM folder. Still don't see anything, e-mail your Camp Director (see contact information below)

Parent Volunteer Team:

We are always looking for parents to get involved with the club and help us grow by volunteering for one of our available parent volunteer positions. Our parent volunteer team will receive a $100 credit at the end of the season which can be used towards any future Divide Grizzly program or jersey purchase/rental.

  • Assistant coach
  • Social Chair
  • Team Manager
  • Community Marketing Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Videographer
  • Photographer

You can sign-up for a volunteer position via the link below.

In order to receive the credit/refund, parents must actually perform the tasks associated to the role. Signing up is not enough.

Check-out Procedures:

All participants are currently listed as CHILD CHECKOUT, meaning they can check out with their coach after practice and go meet their parents in the parking lot, get a ride home from a friend/teammate etc. If you would like to change your child to PARENT CHECKOUT, please e-mail club president, Billy Goldstein., As a parent checkout, players will stay in the gym with the coach until a parent, or authorized guardian, physically checks them out with the coach in the gym.

What to bring to Practice:

All participants should wear their reversible practice jersey along with athletic shorts and shoes. Participants should bring plenty of water.

All basketballs and sports gear will be provided.

Club Culture:

Our club culture is the MEAL plan.

  • Make Mistakes
  • Effort
  • Accountability
  • Learning

In order to play for The Divide Grizzlies, everyone must agree to our MEAL Plan Club Culture. A healthy Meal Plan can give an individual the nourishment it needs to grow and development. Our MEAL Plan Culture does the same for our Club. You are going to make mistakes and that is okay because you are always going to give maximum effort, take accountability for your actions on and off the court, and learn from your mistakes. That is how you will grow as a player. That is how we will grow as a club.

Team Life Skills:

The Life Skills that we teach at our club are listed below. We don't expect our players to be perfect at all the life skills listed below all the time. This is a learning process and we will use the game of basketball to help teach life lessons that will help them in life. We just ask that all players have a positive attitude as we challenge them physically and mentally to develop the life skills listed below. It is about the journey.

  • Respect, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Confident, Responsibility, Teamwork, Effort, Self-Esteem, and Integrity

The ROOTS of the Game:

Players must always show respect to the ROOTS of the game.  

  • Rules
  • Opponents
  • Officials/coaches
  • Teammates
  • Self

Club Rules:

Our Club Rules are simple but closely regulated.  

  • Be Nice
  • Be Safe
  • Have Fun!

Concussion Awareness:

We follow “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports” protocol. The Fact Sheet For Youth Sports Parents can be found via the following link:

If your child has sustained a head injury or is suspected of having sustained a head injury, they cannot Return-to-Play until they have visited a licensed health care professional for evaluation and clearance, AND parents have signed a head injury information/awareness sheet.

Refund Policy:

We offer a full refund (less credit card/website processing fees) up to 2-weeks prior to the program start date. Inside 2-weeks, we will not offer refunds, unless it is a medical issue accompanies with a doctor's note stating that your child is no longer able to participate. It is up to the discretion of the club director whether or not to offer a program credit inside the 2-week refund period. Considerations include: was the program full (meaning you were keeping another child from registering), will your child dropping put us below the minimum, the reason for your child dropping etc., Refund and/or credits will never be given if your child or family has broken the terms listed in our code of conduct.

Meet Your Coaches:

Head Coach - Billy Goldstein

Assistant Coaches - Ed Larson

Assistant Coaches - Shawn Alexander

Assistant Coaches - Jim Dodson

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your camp director:

Billy Goldstein

[email protected]